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FICCI FLO Lucknow organised a session with royalty for their event – The Princess Wears Prada

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FICCI FLO Lucknow organised a session with royalty for their event – The Princess Wears Prada’ on June 10, 2021, 4:00 pm

FLO Lucknow invited Archana Kumari Singh, founder of House of Badnore, for an exclusive conversation for an event with royalty, where she spoke about her vintage-inspired label and her excellence in design.

Rani Archana Kumari Singh, who hails from an erstwhile royal family, during the session talked about her journey from journalism to entrepreneurship and revealed why she decided to go ‘past forward’ with her esteemed label – House of Badnore.

The quintessential modern royal, Archana is one remarkable woman who wears her past royal heritage proudly. She’s known to have kept up with the changing times by being successful professionally and individually. Having started her professional journey as the writer and the editor of a niche jewelery magazine, then moving on to become the president of the luxury brand Frazer and Haws, Archana finally founded the luxury HoB label.

One can say, she’s had a unique, a very interesting and exciting journey. “Growing up in a home different from most of my acquaintances and friends in cities, and then straddling the dynamics of a corporate life have been the most challenging and interesting aspects of my life. Like a trapeze artist, the balance has to be fine-tuned on a tight rope!”, she said.

When asked about the USPs of House of Bandore, Archana said, “We are a vintage-inspired brand, capturing in the essence of romance and royalty, we pick up the vintage aspect in our label. We do not recreate vintage because that particular space is very ccrowded.we essentially redefine vintage. Everything we have brought out is inspired from the past but it is for the contemporary world, for a global platform. It is luxury, but affordable luxury; the products are aspirational and reachable.”

On her advice for upcoming entrepreneurs, Archana said, “You must listen to the universe, sometimes there are signs and signals that the universe sends to you. Don’t try and hold on too many things you cannot hold onto your future. Let the future unfold on its own. Trust the universe; trust the blueprint of your destiny.”

Fcci flo – Lucknow

Her parting words of wisdom that really resonated wit the audience was to always stay kind, persevere and work-hard and let the prayers and faith do its magic.

The event was chaired  aarushi tandon and beautifully moderated by FLO Lucknow member Vanita Yadav and attended by around 170 members of FLO including Vandita Agarwal, Anju Narain, Priyanka Tandon, Simu Ghai,swati verma and many more from across India. It was also aired live on Facebook.

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